Find the perfect kaftan to flaunt your style!

Find the perfect kaftan to flaunt your style!

From earlier times, the kaftan is being worn by various cultures. It is a variant of the bathrobe. It is being named and styled differently by different cultures. But now kaftans have taken up the modern market. Along with stonewash dresses, georgettina women's-caftan-dress is also now available in women dresses online. It is a style piece nowadays.

In the east, it is worn as a long coatlike garment, while in the west it is a long dress with loose sleeves.

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This is the freely flowing outfit that is very comfortable to carry. It has become a luxurious garment now. There are lots of options available in the market. Kaftan has various types as well as styles:

The question is how to select the perfect kaftan avoiding all the confusion? It is not difficult if you have complete knowledge of kaftan. I have stated some of the facts to consider before deciding to buy:

Type of Fabric

Kaftan is made up of using different fabrics. Generally, used fabrics are georgette, rayon, silk, satin, etc. Everyone cannot carry silk or georgette as these material kaftans look good for any special occasion. But if you want to carry the kaftan for any casual occasion, then it is advisable to go with cotton fabric. The fabric should be airy and should not stick to the skin.


Know your size

Not everyone has the same size as well as not everyone can wear the same kaftan. Every lady’s body is having different shapes. Some are having an hourglass shape while some are having a triangular shape. Feel free to identify your body shape and select your kaftan according to your size and shape. Nobody will like to wear the too big outfit as well as a too-small outfit.

Printed or plain

Kaftans are available in various styles, with various types of materials as well as in various prints. Some ladies prefer the plain rich fabric kaftans with some embroidery while some like to flaunt in the printed one. There are various prints available in different colors. Printed jumpsuits look amazing on the beach. Heritage prints are very trendy nowadays.


Kaftans come in long as well as short lengths. You will have to decide its length as per your own choice. It comes in knee-length as well as floor length. If you need the kaftan for the party, you will need floor length. Generally, women pair the kaftan with leggings if it is of short length. Decide the length on the base of the occasion, as well as your style.


You will have to select the fitting based on your body type. If you want to hide your body curves, you will have to go for the loose kaftan. If you will select the kaftan with string and if you will tie that string tightly, then surely it is going to highlight your curves. So the fitting you select will be based on your body type.


Kaftans have various styles of sleeves. Women select sleeves based on their body shape and size. They add to the shape. For example, if you want to create an illusion of large size, you can go for bat wings sleeve. Bell sleeves are also popular for medium size women.

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